How Flight Booking Websites Use Dynamic Pricing to Adjust Flight Prices

Did you know that some flight booking websites can use cookies to track your searches and adjust prices based on demand and shown interest? This practice, known as “dynamic pricing,” is a system used by airlines to regulate flight prices based on supply and demand. The main goal is to maximize airline revenue and optimize flight occupancy.

Among the many factors airlines take into consideration when determining prices is buyer behavior. For example, if a person has conducted searches or made flight bookings in the past for a specific destination, prices may be adjusted accordingly.

So, if you want to save on flight ticket purchases, it is advised to use anonymous browsing mode or clear your cookies before conducting a search or making a flight booking. This mode prevents websites from tracking your browsing data and using cookies to personalize prices. It will help eliminate any information that websites may have stored during your previous searches.

In addition to protecting against price tracking, anonymous browsing mode can help maintain your online privacy by preventing websites from storing personal information or profiling.

If you have an account on a flight booking website and are logged in, it is recommended to log out before conducting a new search or booking. This way, the information associated with your account will be less likely to influence the displayed prices.

To get a more accurate idea of flight prices, compare fares on different flight booking websites. This way, you can identify any discrepancies and make a more informed choice.

In addition to clearing cookies, you may also want to clear your search history in your browser. This can help reduce the influence of dynamic prices based on your previous search activity.

Of course, flight prices can still fluctuate due to other factors such as seat availability, airline fares, or special offers. However, following the aforementioned tips can help mitigate the impact of cookie-based dynamic prices.