Guide to Government Bonds: How to Invest in Public Debt

This piece of paper is a virtual one that tells us how much we have lent to the government, when it will repay us, and what the interest rates are. This piece of paper is called a “Government Bond.” Essentially, it’s a written commitment from the government to return the money you’ve invested, plus a … Read more

Where to Place Your 10,000 Dollars in a Crashing Market

Every time the markets crash, I receive emails like this: “I currently have a balance of 10,000 dollars in my bank account. Considering the recent stock market crisis, are there advantageous investment opportunities I could take advantage of? Are there specific stocks that might be a good deal right now?” Preamble First of all, it’s … Read more

Unraveling the Tax on Capital Gains from Stocks in the United States

In the intricate labyrinth of finance and investment, one of the key avenues to wealth generation is investing in stocks. However, the profits generated from these investments are subject to taxation, referred to as capital gains tax. This article dives deep into the landscape of capital gains tax from stocks in the United States, demystifying … Read more

To play the stock market

“Playing” in the stock market is a colloquial expression that refers to the activity of investing or speculating in financial markets, such as stock exchanges. Essentially, it means buying and selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other financial instruments with the aim of making a profit. However, it is important to emphasize that the term … Read more

Intraday Trading: Riding the Waves of Profit

Discover the parallels between intraday trading and surfing waves as you learn to seize short-term opportunities in the stock market. Explore how traders ride the ups and downs, leveraging analytical skills and adaptability to maximize profits. Dive into the dynamic world of intraday trading and ride every wave of opportunity that comes your way.